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-Industry Solutions from Carter Industrial Automation, Inc.

Carter Industrial Automation, Inc. provides engineering solutions that fit your needs. We offer a number of industry-proven tools that can assist you in establishing and expanding your business. Over the years Carter Industrial Automation has developed unique experience and knowledge in several industries such as Petro-Chemical, Wastewater, Power, and Life science industries. We are able to provide professional automation solutions that exceed expectations.

Industrial Water and Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Water and wastewater treatment are critical to every industry. Carter Industrial Automation helps industrial officials meet ever increasing industrial wastewater regulations, while improving efficiency and reducing waste disposal costs. Each industry has its own set of requirements which determine treatment needs, from process water to wastewater. Carter Industrial Automation is ready and able to help you meet these requirements.

Control Panels

Carter Industrial Automation provides custom design of Control panels, installation of Control panels as well as fabrication and automation services for municipalities and manufacturers requiring specific dedicated controls for OEM Equipment, Utility Relay Panels, Water/Waste Water Treatment Systems, as well as many other industries. Carter Industrial Automation fabricates, installs and supports the construction and commissioning of numerous Control panels each year. Our project history has included a vast variety of industries and applications. Carter Industrial Automation has the experience and aptitudes to successfully implement control projects of all magnitudes. Carter Industrial Automation proudly serves clients on a local, national, and international level. Enjoy browsing our site and please contact us if you have any questions, comments or concerns.